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What problems should be paid attention to when operating the

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  When using the bag feeding packaging machine, we not only need to clean the feeding system and metering machine of the packaging machine to ensure the hygiene of the equipment, but also need to abide by the safe operation and precautions of the bag feeding packaging machine. Following the precautions of the machine can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also ensure the personal safety of operators.

  1. During the production process, the quality of products shall be checked at any time, such as whether the basic requirements of products such as heat sealing line and weight are qualified. If problems are found, they shall be adjusted in time.

  2. The operation or maintenance personnel must receive safety education and training and master the operation skills. Other untrained or unqualified personnel shall not operate and maintain the bag packing machine, and shall correctly wear and use labor protection articles (tools), so that the tooling is clean and tight, in line with the operation specifications, and it is strictly prohibited to operate and maintain after fatigue or drinking.

  3. The operator shall not arbitrarily adjust some operating parameters of the bag packaging machine, such as operating times and various parameters of frequency conversion; In the production process, the operator shall properly adjust the temperature and some parameters of each temperature controller according to the actual situation.

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  4. The operator can only touch the touch screen of the bag feeding packaging machine gently with clean fingers. It is strictly prohibited to press or knock the touch screen with fingertips, nails or their hard objects.

  5. During the operation of the bag feeding packaging machine, ensure that the machine door is closed and the protective cover outside the junction box or control panel is complete, so as to avoid physical contact with the movable device, conveyor belt or heat sealer and surrounding parts, so as to prevent being involved or scalded by high temperature. It is strictly prohibited to extend your hand into the protective cover of the machine body or touch the moving parts.

  6. Sufficient operating space shall be ensured around the bag feeding packaging machine, and sundries are not allowed to be stacked. Keep the workshop floor clean and avoid oil and water stains to avoid slipping.

  The above are the problems that should be paid attention to when giving bag packaging machine. Are you clear? I believe that through the description of this article, you can gain something. I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want more relevant information, you can pay more attention to the dynamics of our website.


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