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What are the factors that affect the working efficiency of v

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  The packaging efficiency of products is the first consideration when users purchase equipment, and vacuum packaging machine is no exception. However, many users who have never used the vacuum packaging machine do not know which factors are related to the working efficiency of the vacuum packaging machine. Let's share the factors related to the efficiency of vacuum packaging machine.

  1. Dimensions of the vacuum pump. The size of vacuum pump is an important factor to determine the working efficiency of vacuum packaging machine. Each model will have a specific configuration when it leaves the factory, but this configuration can basically meet the requirements of the machine. In general, if users want to work efficiently, they need to replace a larger vacuum pump, so that they can work better.

  2. Types of packaged products. The categories mentioned here mainly refer to large categories, such as powder, liquid or solid. It can be imagined that the working efficiency of solid pumping will be faster, and the vacuum packaging opportunity of powder pumping will be slower, otherwise the powder will be pumped into the vacuum pump and damage the vacuum pump.

  3. How many products to put. This situation is only applicable to the internal vacuum packaging machine. For an internal vacuum packaging machine, the size of its vacuum chamber is fixed, so if you want to be effective, you should put as many products as possible into the vacuum chamber, so that you can reduce the vacuum time and improve work efficiency.

  The above is the introduction of the factors that affect the working efficiency of vacuum packaging machine. Are you clear? I believe that through the description of this article, you can understand the vacuum packaging machine, I hope the above can help you. In addition, if you want to know more about it, you can pay more attention to our website.


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