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What's the good effect of high pressure steam sterilizer ado

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  Microorganisms widely exist in the surrounding environment, and some of them are pathogenic microorganisms. In order to prevent infection, aseptic operation must be strictly carried out, and the articles used and the working environment must be disinfected. Sterilization is mainly through physical and chemical factors to make the main metabolism of microorganisms occur obstacles, or cell protein denaturation coagulation, or destroy its genetic material, resulting in microbial death. The high pressure steam sterilizer adopts the method of damp heat sterilization. Under the same temperature, the sterilization effect of damp heat is better than that of dry heat. There are the following reasons.

  1. The temperature required for protein coagulation is related to its water content. The higher the water content, the lower the temperature required for protein coagulation. The bacteria protein can absorb water when it is sterilized by damp heat, so it is easier to solidify than in dry hot air at the same temperature.

  2. In the process of moist heat sterilization, the steam releases a lot of latent heat to further increase the temperature. At the same temperature, the time of wet heat sterilization is shorter than that of dry heat sterilization.

High pressure steam sterilizer

  3. The penetrating power of damp heat gas is stronger than that of dry heat gas, so the effect of damp heat is better than that of dry heat. High pressure steam can kill all microorganisms, even the spores of bacteria, fungi and other heat-resistant individuals. The steam temperature of sterilization increases with the increase of steam pressure, and the sterilization time can be greatly shortened by increasing steam pressure. Therefore, it is an effective and widely used sterilization method.

  The prerequisite of sterilization is the complete discharge of air. The air needs to be replaced by 100% high pressure steam. Only in this way can the effective steam sterilization and effective humidity distribution be ensured, and the residual air can not effectively help to achieve the sterilization effect.

  Steam upward discharge: This is a traditional way of steam discharge. Water is added at the bottom of the sterilizer, and the heating element is at the bottom. After heating, the steam fills the sterilization chamber from the bottom up and exhausts the air. However, during the heating process, due to the high gravity of the air, the air will sink to the bottom, so it is difficult to completely discharge the air.


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