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Precautions for use of autoclave

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  When using the autoclave, we must pay attention to:

  1. Some materials of plastic can not be autoclaved, please confirm before operation. During sterilization, the cover of the container should be loosened to avoid the pressure in the bottle becoming larger. The cover of the plastic centrifugal tube is too tight. When the air is suddenly cooled after sterilization, the vacuum will cause the deformation of the centrifugal tube.

  2. Some components of the solution of high temperature and high pressure sterilization will cause material precipitation, discoloration and decomposition, please confirm the correct sterilization method of the solution before sterilization.

  3. The sterilized solution should not be filled too much in the reagent bottle to avoid spraying halfway.

  4. Be sure to see if there is enough water in the pot before use.

  5. After aligning the cover of the pressure cooker with the body of the cooker, the screw can be fastened.

  6. When waiting for the hot steam to discharge the cold air, don't go away to do other things. Be sure to wait for the steam to discharge the exhaust valve and then leave.


  7. It is suggested that the timer should be set according to the sterilization time to remind the operator in time.

  8. After disinfection, the exhaust valve can only be opened to let out gas after the pressure drops to zero. Do not rush to let out gas and artificially depress the pressure, otherwise the sterilized PBS and other liquid will be reboiled or even ejected.

  9. When taking out the sterilized articles, be sure to wear gloves to prevent scalding.

  10. At ordinary times, pay attention to protect the gasket of the high-pressure cooker cover, pay attention to whether there is foreign matter adhesion, if there is foreign matter to be removed in time, otherwise it will lead to steam leakage.

  Remedial measures for hazards

  In case of danger in the laboratory, the following measures should be taken immediately:

  1. If there is a sound, smell, smoke, please cut off the power immediately. It can only be used after the exception is eliminated.

  2. After turning off the power, do not rush to open the cover of the autoclave. Do not continue to operate until the pressure drops to zero.


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