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Five main functions of vacuum packaging machine panel

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  At present, vacuum packaging machine has become a common packaging equipment in the market. With the improvement of national economic level, vacuum packaging machine is widely used in food, medicine, electronics, daily use and other industries from the early import to the current independent production. Control panel is the key component of vacuum packaging machine, which is directly related to the production progress and safety of sealing equipment. Vacuum time, heating time, cooling time, safety tube and vacuum gauge are distributed on the control board of vacuum packaging machine. The functions of the five parts are different, and each process is controlled. The main functions of these five components are briefly introduced as follows: "vacuum time", "heating time", "cooling time", "safety tube" and "vacuum gauge".

  Vacuum time: adjust the vacuum time of the equipment, generally 20 ≤ 30 seconds. Set the time to look at the vacuum gauge after working, and the vacuum is expressed as 0.06 ~ 0.08 MPa.

vacuum packaging machine

  Heating time: adjust the heating time, generally 2 seconds, pay attention to the setting of vacuum bag material. If the vacuum bag is thick, the heating time needs to be extended appropriately; If the vacuum bag is thin, shorten the heating time appropriately. The heating time will be shortened after the vacuum packaging machine works continuously for a period of time.

  Cooling time: three seconds or more. Adjust the specific time according to the thin thickness of the bag.

  Safety tube: put the power fuse in.

  Vacuum gauge: used to display the vacuum degree, generally 0.06 ~ 0.08 MPa, in order to achieve the purpose of sealing.

  Button: the vacuum packaging machine starts to work, and the button is adjusted to the "power" position. When the work is finished, set the button to stop. If the vacuum bag position moves, the button is set to the "vent" position. After the vacuum gauge returns to zero, first open the cover, and then readjust the vacuum bag to continue working.


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