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Characteristics of single chamber vacuum packaging machine

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  Single chamber vacuum packaging machine belongs to a kind of vacuum packaging machine, is a relatively small packaging machine, so what is single chamber vacuum packaging machine? What are the characteristics of vacuum packaging machine? So today I'll give you a brief explanation:

  Vacuum packaging is to pump the air in the packaging bag into a vacuum, and then automatically seal the packaging bag. Because of the high vacuum, there is very little residual air in the sub bag, which can effectively control the bacterial reproduction. Single chamber vacuum packaging machine is suitable for a variety of different types of goods, spices, meat products, food, bean products, pharmaceuticals, and other powders, etc. it can carry out vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging has the characteristics of extending the storage period of goods, avoiding mildew, moisture and corruption.

 vacuum packaging machine

  The cover of single chamber vacuum packaging machine is made of transparent plexiglass, which makes the packaging process clear at a glance. The single chamber vacuum packaging machine can complete the operation process of vacuumizing, sealing and printing at one time. In order to adapt to different packaging materials and packaging requirements, single chamber vacuum packaging machine is also equipped with vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature, sealing time adjustment device, so as to achieve good packaging effect. Single chamber vacuum packaging machine has complete functions, advanced design, stable and reliable performance. The packaging material of single chamber vacuum packaging machine is plastic film or plastic, aluminum foil composite film, which is used for vacuum packaging of fruits, grains, solids, liquids, powders, chemicals, electronic components, etc. After packaging, it has an effective effect on preventing oxidation, mildew, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, preservation, and effective quality of products.


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