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What are the characteristics of sterilization pot? How does

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  Sterilization pot is a sealed pressure heater, which is used to heat the food sealed in the container. Many different sterilizer systems can be used for foods that require commercial sterilization in sealed containers. Sterilization pot can be divided into five control modes: manual control mode, electrical automatic control mode, computer automatic control mode, computer semi-automatic control mode and computer full-automatic control mode (remote control mode). According to the sterilization method, it can be divided into static steam sterilization pot and pressurized static sterilization pot. From the tank structure, there are seven kinds of sterilization pot: single pot sterilization pot, Double pot sterilization pot, Double pot parallel sterilization pot, three pot parallel sterilization pot, vertical sterilization pot, electric steam sterilization pot, rotary sterilization pot.

  The sterilizer is equipped with exhaust pipe, water inlet pipe, safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, drain pipe, exhaust valve, liquid level gauge, electric heating rod and heat preservation car. The heating layer is made of thermal insulation material. Considering that the heating area and heat exchange effect meet the specified sterilization requirements, it has the advantages of low labor intensity and high production efficiency. It's very popular with users. According to the actual situation of the area, users can easily choose electric heating and steam sterilization, which has the advantages of good energy saving effect, high productivity, automatic control of temperature display, wide adjustment range, high control precision, corrosion resistance, noise elimination, convenient cleaning, etc. Widely used in food, juice, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industries.

Sterilization pot

  Structure principle of sterilization pot

  1. The inclined sterilization pot is a double-layer structure composed of inner and outer spherical pot bodies. Steam flows into the middle interlayer of the inner and outer spherical pot bodies for heating.

  2. Structural form: it is divided into tilting sterilizer and vertical (fixed) sterilizer, with or without mixing equipment according to the process requirements.

  Working characteristics of sterilization pot:

  1. Computer semi-automatic control: temperature rise, sterilization time, pressure protection, product cooling

  2. Energy saving and convenient operation

  3. Hot water circulation sterilization and steam sterilization can be carried out

  4. It can be used in vacuum packaging, canned food, glass bottle packaging, plastic packaging, edible fungus food, etc.

  5. Set a variety of sterilization processes according to different products. The intelligent fuzzy temperature control system is adopted, with high degree of automation. The main parts of the control system are imported, suitable for all kinds of packaging.

  The above is the introduction of the characteristics and working principle of the sterilization pot. I believe that through the description of this paper, you can have a certain understanding of the sterilization pot. I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to know more information, you can pay more attention to our website, or contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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