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What is the use of household vacuum packaging machine? What

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  In recent years, there are a lot of vacuum packaging machines in the market, and the business of these machines is booming. Many businesses sell them with the slogan of healthier and more environmental protection, but many people don't know what the function of household vacuum packaging machines is? How many kinds are there? How does it work? Let's take a look at the following with these doubts!

  1、What is the use of household vacuum packaging machine

  1.Food vacuum packaging machine.

  This kind of vacuum packaging machine should control the temperature before vacuum packaging, and the equipment has its own cooling system, so it has higher requirements for preservation.

  2.Medical vacuum packaging machine.

  This kind of vacuum packaging machine should have the form of vacuumizing which can keep the product for a long time; Because the medical vacuum packaging machine should be used in the dust-free aseptic workshop and other places with higher requirements, this kind of vacuum packaging machine can also be applied to the food packaging with aseptic requirements to achieve good results.

 vacuum packaging machines

  3.Vacuum packaging machine for electronic products.

  Electronic products using vacuum packaging machine can play on the internal metal processing parts of moisture-proof, anti oxidation discoloration effect.

  4.Tea vacuum packaging machine.

  This is a set of weighing, packaging, packaging in one machine. The birth of tea vacuum packaging machine marks a big step to improve the level of domestic tea packaging and realize the standardization of tea packaging.

  2、How many kinds of household vacuum packaging machines are there?

  Vertical packing machine

  This model is suitable for production use, can work continuously, high quality and configuration. The working voltage is 220 v. at least 10 / 20 type pump is equipped. Representative model is dz-400 / 2E.

  Desktop packaging machine

  This model is characterized by its small size, about 1 / 2 of the above model, which is more suitable for working on the desktop, so it is called desktop vacuum packaging machine or desktop vacuum packaging machine. This kind of vacuum packaging machine is mostly equipped with small vacuum pumps, for example, the vacuum efficiency is 10 m3 / h, and the voltage is 220 v

  Household vacuum packaging machine

  This kind of small vacuum packaging machine products generally use plastic material, the quality is general. The vacuum degree of vacuum pumping is relatively low, which generally can not meet the requirements of national regulations. The vacuum degree is only 35000pa (the vacuum degree of industrial single chamber vacuum packaging machine can reach 50 ~ 200Pa). No vacuum chamber, suitable for a small amount of intermittent evacuation packaging.

  3、Principle and characteristics of household vacuum machine

  Household vacuum machine is a kind of small instrument which can put the goods into the packing bag, extract the air in the packing bag, and finish the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. Household small vacuum machine is suitable for the preservation of all kinds of food, medical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.

  Principle and characteristics of household small vacuum machine

  1. The household vacuum machine has good vacuum performance and is suitable for vacuum packaging of various plastic bags.

  2. The machine has the advantages of small volume, simple structure and convenient use.

  3. The fresh-keeping period of the food sealed by household vacuum machine can be extended at room temperature, which can effectively prevent the food in the refrigerator from cross taste, deterioration, dehydration and cracking.

  4. With vacuum function, it can seal all kinds of plastic bags. High degree of automation, with digital control of heat sealing time and overheating automatic protection alarm device.

  5. The household small vacuum machine has the advantages of low power consumption, small volume and light weight.

  6. It is widely used and easy to operate.

  The above is the related content of household vacuum packaging machine, I believe that through the description of this article, you can gain, I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to know more information, you can pay more attention to our website!


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