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Drug vacuum packaging machine needs to solve the problem of

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  With the increasing reform of the medical market, the pharmaceutical packaging industry will usher in the spring of development in the next few years. According to the prediction of relevant reports, China's pharmaceutical packaging market will grow at an average growth rate of 10.6% from 2014 to 2018. It is expected that the scale of China's pharmaceutical packaging market will reach 99.1 billion yuan by 2018.

  Pharmaceutical packaging market will grow rapidly

  Pharmaceutical packaging technology will develop in three directions

  With the development of science and technology and the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to meet regulatory requirements and increase brand life and attractiveness, enterprises must innovate to deal with the growing threat of counterfeit drugs. The demand for pharmaceutical packaging in China will increase rapidly in the future.

vacuum packaging machine

  Experts said that in the future, China's pharmaceutical packaging technology will show three trends: it will focus on the development and application of new, environmentally friendly and convenient pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers, including pre potted syringes, multi chamber bag infusion packaging and other packaging forms with drug delivery devices; Focus on the development of special raw and auxiliary materials, additives and accessories for pharmaceutical packaging materials, including raw and auxiliary materials with high cleanliness and high processing performance, injection, special plastic resin for "bottle blowing filling sealing" process, clean and sterile packaging film, etc; Focus on the development of pharmaceutical packaging material production equipment with advanced technology, GMP requirements and independent intellectual property rights.

  Vacuum packaging machine becomes a competitive equipment in drug packaging market

  In the future, the requirements for packaging in the pharmaceutical market will be more and more strict, and the packaging technology needs to be continuously improved. As the carrier of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging equipment also needs to be continuously improved to meet the growing demand of the pharmaceutical packaging market. Among them, vacuum packaging machine will become the necessary equipment in the drug packaging market.

  With the rapid development of China's economy, drug vacuum packaging machine obtains more development opportunities. While its quality is improving, it also drives the rapid development of many production industries. Through years of development and evolution, the function and performance of vacuum packaging machine equipment have been greatly improved, providing good technical conditions for completing excellent packaging. While enriching the types of commodity packaging, vacuum packaging machine also finds business opportunities for the development of production enterprises. Nowadays, vacuum packaging machine has evolved into an indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry and more industries.

  Vacuum packaging is not only conducive to the preservation of drugs, but also conducive to transportation, so as to ensure that drugs will not be oxidized and moldy during transportation and storage. Nowadays, the vacuum packaging machine market is very hot, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but in the fierce competition, how can the vacuum packaging machine stabilize its position? Experts say that only excellent quality can meet the needs of the public.

  Solve the big problems of combination and Mechatronics to meet the market demand

  In recent years, the international packaging industry has paid more and more attention to improving the general ability and multi-functional integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. China's packaging machinery industry is also committed to providing timely and flexible production means for diversified commodities with rapid market development. With the improvement of market requirements, the development of vacuum packaging machine enterprises will face greater pressure.

  In the face of pressure, experts said that vacuum packaging machines need to maintain high-quality products. In the future, vacuum packaging machines must first focus on solving the major problems of combination and Mechatronics in their development. At present, the common vacuum packaging machine in the market is semi-automatic vacuum equipment. Just press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the whole process of vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust. However, in order to establish a diversified, universal and multi-functional integrated new packaging machinery system, we first need to focus on solving the problems of combination and electromechanical integration.

  With the expansion of the market demand of vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine also needs to develop towards high efficiency and multi-function. It is necessary to develop and apply packaging materials with excellent barrier, combined with physical and chemical treatment methods such as inflation, radiation, freezing, oxygen getter and ethylene absorbent, so as to obtain better storage and preservation effect of drugs.


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