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Sealing width of vacuum packaging machine

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  Next, Shandong vacuum packaging machine manufacturer shuangjun machinery technology takes you to know about the vacuum packaging machine selection sealing width.

  In the industrial enterprises, the products that need to be packaged are especially large and heavy. Therefore, most of the indexes of the packaging bags will be made by composite film. And the width of sealing is required to be wider than that of ordinary food bags.

vacuum packaging machine

  The sealing principle is to heat the heating strip by the instantaneous heating current, and then put on the imported heat insulation cloth to separate the heat and glue the packaging bag. If the heating strip is too wide, the heating of the whole heating strip will be uneven, which will cause the sealing to be abnormal. The narrower the ideal heating strip, the better the effect of instant heating, the better the sealing effect. If you are worried that the seal will leak once, you can choose to seal more than once.

  We are now using imported nickel roller alloy with a width of 8mm plus tropical, with a thickness of 0.5mm. Although the common heating belts on the market are also 8mm wide, the thickness is basically 0.1mm. When heating belt is heated instantaneously, it can not be heated evenly, so sealing is not ideal.


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