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1. After the installation of the equipment, provide free guidance and training to the operators designated by the company, so that they can master the operation methods and general maintenance of the equipment.


2. In order to ensure the ideal operation effect of the company's equipment and to save maintenance costs, technical personnel will pay a return visit to the product operators during the warranty period. The return visit mainly focuses on the knowledge of overhaul and maintenance.


3. In case of equipment failure, after receiving the company's notice, timely arrange for the transfer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


4. From the date of acceptance and use of the equipment, the product will be provided with a one-year free warranty, including the cost of natural damaged parts, except for electrical components. The damage caused by improper operation will only be charged for appropriate materials.


5, after the expiration of the warranty, the product will be provided with a lifetime warranty, and only the appropriate material fee will be charged.



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